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Hi! I’m Rosaleen (or Rosie for short).


I grew up in Jacksonville, Oregon taking advantage of the freedom I was given by playing make believe and exploring among the tall trees and massive mountains that surrounded my home. My family lived an unconventional lifestyle that included traveling the world, meeting new people, playing lots of music, and designing and building environmentally sustainable spaces and homes. So, it seemed like a natural extension of my family’s life philosophy that, at the age of 5, I joined a recreational circus studio. I found that circus gave me confidence in my abilities and in my body, and gave me my own community. 


When I was 13, I decided that I wanted to become a professional circus artist and take my training more seriously. I moved away from my hometown and my recreational studio, and spent time experimenting with many disciplines, as well as teaching, in several semi-professional spaces including the San Diego Circus Center. In 2018, I was accepted at the National Circus School of Montreal as a rope specialist with a minor in Cyr wheel, and I will be graduating in 2022.


Throughout many years of performing and creating, I have found that I like to use the rope to create images in the space. I seek to invite the audience to experience and explore with me as I create detailed work, thinking about the small actions that give a performance its character and that accentuate the bigger, dynamic movements. 

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